Home maintenance services in Dubai

Home maintenance services in Dubai

We provide Home Maintenance Services Dubai for your apartment building, Villa, and Office. If you are looking for any Handy Man Drilling Hanging & Mounting Work, Electrical Short Circuit Troubleshooting or Electric Fixtures and fitting of any machine then you are at the right place. We also offer Plumbing work which is related to Water outflow Fixing or Replacing Water Heater. Home protection also offers Carpentry Door Locks, Hinges, Handles Repair & Gypsum Partition Making. Masonry Marble and Tiling work. in addition, Painting services include Interior, Exterior & Wallpaper Installation or removal. Our services also include AC / Chiller, Central Air Conditioner Repairing. Let us help you to fix your home with a wide range of reasonable repair, expert and Professional Technicians with professional state of the art tools, step up, and remodel services.

We are a home maintenance company in Dubai that has years of experience under its belt in providing AC repair services for residential (and commercial) spaces all over Dubai. Hence, we can help you get your home’s cool environment back. Furthermore, we offer regular and emergency AC repair services so that you never have to wait longer to get your AC function back to normal.

Our technicians are knowledgeable, licensed, and equipped with every mandatory tool at their disposal that they might need during the repairs. So, you can count on us to repair your AC unit.

With that being said, the significance of maintaining our home and safeguarding it from the consequences of not doing so should never be overlooked. It may seem like a challenge and a never-ending hassle, but a certain new helper is on the block and he’s got plenty of hands to help with, Introducing Octopus, our guide through the journey of keeping our house a home

• Bathroom Maintenance

Install new shower doors, replace broken tiles, stop a leaky toilet, repair a faucet—the bathroom gets a lot of use and abuse. Thankfully, our experienced handymen can do it all. Here are just a few of the common bathroom services we handle on a regular basis:

Nobody likes walking through a cluttered garage. From installing storage racks to repairing garage windows, our experienced team of home improvement professionals can get your garage in tip-top condition.


• Kitchen Maintenance

An active kitchen is bound to experience some wear and tear. Whether you have a broken cabinet drawer or a chipped tile backsplash, our dependable home improvement professionals have the tools and the experience to repair your kitchen to chef-worthy condition. Check out our kitchen services for a more complete look at various kitchen projects.

• Outdoor Home Maintenance

Keeping up the appearance of your house requires seasonal maintenance. From repairing fences to power washing the side of your home, some of these maintenance tasks you may be able to tackle on your own. As for the rest, let our experienced handymen help cross a few items off of that outdoor to-

 Mr. Handyman performs power washing—also known as pressure washing—that removes built-up dirt and debris from decks and patios. You won’t have to pick up, clean or return a rental power washer. Best of all, the job will be handled by a professional who knows how to care for your deck and patio while making it shine.

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• Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know 15,000+ dryer fires occur every year in the United States? That is just one of the many reasons that regularly scheduled dryer vent cleaning is beneficial to your home. It’s not enough to clean the lint trap in your dryer—you need to have a professional come to your house and replace the ducts between the dryer and the main vent often located behind it.

• Fire & Flood Protection

While there are some disasters that cannot be prevented, there are often steps that you can take to avoid fires and floods in your home. Your local Mr. Handyman is equipped with the steps needed to help protect your home.

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